COVID-19 Safety Rules

All Volunteers Must Read and Follow These Diligently

Transmission is unlikely while following social distancing, however it is still possible. To reduce the chance of you contracting COVID-19, as well as possibly carrying it to someone else, all volunteers must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Always maintain social distancing. At no point are you to come within 6' feet of any other volunteer or client. It's not only for your safety, but theirs.
  2. Nitrile gloves are required when touching deliveries. Between each delivery you must either swap gloves OR sanitize the gloves (before touching the next deliveries food).
  3. Masks are recommended, but they must be properly rated, worn properly, and are not a replacement for social distancing.
  4. If you ever are symptomatic (including but not limited to cough, fever, or chills), you are to immediately stop delivering in order to reduce possible spread.

CrowdSource Rescue is able to provide gloves, hand sanitizer, and surgical masks; if you need some provided to you, please contact your dispatcher.

David Batagower, with eyewear, gloves, and N95 Mask