Starting at 4:00 PM ET on September 19, 2017 we will begin to transition out of Florence response. We are accepting tickets (and passing to 911 where appropriate) but not actively encouraging rescues. This instance will shut down on September 21th.

As the flood waters recedes, the response phase ends and the relief and long recovery phase begin. As native Houstonians who were affected by Harvey, we can attest to the road ahead: it will be long, frustrating, and sometimes even downright painful. But we find hope knowing that those left in Florence's wake have some of the strongest assets available: each other. We are in awe of the strength of regular Carolinans as they rescued each other, we were proud to partner with you, and honored to stand with you.

We will seek to work to use some of the data generated in the response phase to aid towards recovery. However, we must ask permission from those rescued before sharing with any relief or recovery agency (that is an established/reputable 501c3). The rescue data (stripped of any personal information, such as name, phone number, etc) is available to government agencies or research institutions, at our sole discretion.

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We are 100% volunteer. Your donation will be tax-exempt and help us cover server, messaging, and operational costs. We are a fiscally sponsored 501c3 project during Florence, thanks to Outdoorsmen in Action.

CrowdSource Rescue is a platform that allows those who need help to connect with civilian and volunteer rescuers. Please call 911 first if this is an emergency, this is a volunteer service and has absolutely no guarantee of safety.

At this time, rescuers are self-dispatching and self-organizing. If you have the ways and means to assist someone in an affected area, sign up as a rescuer above and indicate the equipment you have. You'll receive an email with additional instructions.

There is no current need for additional dispatchers or any other type of remote volunteer. Please note, this may change. If you have a volunteer account, you’ll automatically receive a notice when there might be additional ways you can help.