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COVID-19 Pandemic Assistance


CrowdSource Rescue is a disaster response non-profit that has helped rescue over 50,000 people by connecting them to nearby volunteers and neighbors. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of our neighbors hurting, without easy access to food or the outside world. 

If you need help during this pandemic, especially if you are high-risk, please fill out the form below. We'll work to connect you with nearby volunteers and neighbors that may be able to help. 

Please note that this is an all-volunteer effort and help is not guaranteed.

Contact Information

It is VERY important to enter this information accurately. If we don't have the correct address or phone number, we cannot deliver. Please double-check that it is accurate! Include any apartment #s with address.

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How many adults (18 - 64) are there?

How many children (< 18) are there?

How many adults 65+ are there?

TEFAP Grant Questions (Federally Required)

The following questions are federally required to be asked, in order to help differentiate between the different pantries that food be picked up from. 

COVID-19 Specific Questions.

Notes, Disclaimers, and Legal Agreements

CrowdSource Rescue is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization. We have helped rescue over 50,000 people by connecting them to vetted civilian responders. This website is not a replacement for 911 and nothing here can be construed as a guarantee of safety.

Please note this is not our usual mission; we're much more comfortable in boats. Expect some kinks.