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Food Insecurity


In partnership with HEB, we are able to offer grocery delivery to senior citizens without transportation and power within the North and West Houston area. 

We have extremely limited capacity. If you have transportation, you are strongly encouraged to go to the nearest community center or distribution center. 

We are unable to support non-seniors and unable to guarantee deliveries.

Currently, we are only able to support a limited part of Houston. Please refer to map below.

Contact Information

It is VERY important to enter this information accurately. If we don't have the correct address or phone number, we cannot deliver. Please double-check that it is accurate! Include any apartment #s with address.

Add Another Phone Number

We use e-mail to notify you of impending deliveries, as well as remind you to re-apply.

How many adults 65+ are there?

How many adults (18 - 64) are there?

How many children (< 18) are there?

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Note: This is not our usual mission, we're used to boats and chainsaws. Expect some kinks.

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CrowdSource Rescue is not a replacement for 911 and nothing on this website can be construed as a guarantee of safety.

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