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Donation Offer Form


CrowdSource Rescue has been requested by Chico City Council and 211 to create a form to help organize the offers of donations. 

If you have physical donations please fill out this form as it will allow volunteer organizations and non-profits to help better utilize your generous donation. 

Please note that CrowdSource Rescue is merely hosting a database of donations. We are not receiving, storing, or sorting the donation, nor are we directly managing it. We merely host the platform to allow vetted, reputable, and on-the-ground non-profits and organizations to do so.

For financial donations, please donate to the North Valley Community Fund ( or your favorite organization directly. 

Please write your first name.

Please write your last name.

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CrowdSource Rescue is an organization of volunteers that helps give first responders actionable intelligence and support during an incident to encourage civilian engagement during an incident. It is not a replacement for 911 and nothing here can be construed as a guarantee of safety.