Houston Food Bank Disclaimer

The Houston Food Bank respects your information and wants to ensure it remains private. Providing information electronically can be safer than providing information on paper. Only certain staff and volunteers can log in to the system, and each person has been trained and has signed an agreement to keep your information private. We may use your personal information for a variety of reasons:

To improve Our Programs: We may use your information to improve our programs or activities. For examples, staff may look at information to review the quality of services that people receive

To do Research: We may use your information for research and analysis. Any reports produced with the data will not identify your individual information. Our staff and volunteers will only share your information with qualified persons outside of our agency.

To Connect You with Other Programs: At your request, we may share your personal information to see if you are eligible for other benefits or programs such as Social Security benefits for SNAP

To Report Abuse, Harm or Neglect: We are required by law to report any cases of suspected abuse or neglect of children or vulnerable adults. We are also required to share information about you to law enforcement in certain cases, for example, if you cause harm to a member of our staff, another client, or if you damage our property. We may also share your personal information in case of a threat to the public, such as terrorist attack or natural disaster.

To the extent HFB has access to Student “education records” that are subject to FERPA, HFB is deemed a “school official”, as each of these terms are defined under FERPA. HFB agrees that it shall not use education records for any purpose other than in the performance of the Agreement. Except as required by law, HFB shall not disclose or share education records with any third party unless permitted by the terms of the Agreement or as may be required by law or court of competent jurisdiction.